The research and development laboratory

30% of the human resources employed is dedicated to researching and developing new technologies. The research laboratory run by a European level staff is capable of developing specific and innovative products for all customer demands. The team of professionals guarantees the meticulous execution of the various development and implementation phases of the new products and guarantees their quality via a rigorous control performed with sophisticated and modern equipment both on the raw materials and on the finished products.


The must for Palini products is polyfunctionality which is characterised by systems composed of a group of concentrated tinters which are completed with specific binders.

Polyfunctional Systems possess many advantages. These technologies in fact permit finished product evolution (the color ready for application), by maintaining the colorimetric system of the tinters integral. It is therefore possible to obtain innumerable topcoats with different chemical and physical characteristics, thus resolving not only problems of the application kind, but also permit the creation of eco-compatible products.


Over time the technical evolution of the painting products has led to a constant improvement in the protection characteristics of ferrous supports against chemical and physical aggression, together with an improvement in the aesthetic aspect in terms of the brightness and fullness of painted surfaces.

This improvement has gone hand-in-hand with research into products with a higher yield which respect the environment. This has permitted the development of painting cycles capable of offering very high qualitative performance and guarantees, permitting a radical reduction in emissions.

Laboratory and Regulations