Hydropal 120
concentrated waterborne system for car refinish

Hydropal System


HYDROPAL 120 is a third generation water-based colorimetric system for the refinishing sector and industrial bodywork. It adopts the most modern and up-to-date technology allowing the production of:

double coat pearl and metallic cycles
double coat solid cycles
direct gloss solid cycles (absolute novelty on the market)

by using appropriate binders.

Main characteristics

The system has 73 super concentrated tinters permitting unmatchable performance in terms of:

Easy application
High yield and covering power
Number of coats reduced
Cycle time <= with respect to a solvent-based cycle
Uniform satin appearance
Very good gloss
High flexibility in using and handling (masking, “dirt” …)

Ecology legal limits

Safeguarding the health of the operator and the environment, considerable low solvent emissions, average lower than 10%, average V.O.C. 300 g/l.


HYDROPAL 120 permits the reproduction of around 60,000 colours of Japanese, European American and Korean cars in two coat and 2K direct gloss finishes. These finishes are easily found on the Palini Chromacard system, consisting of around 16,000 car colour references sprayed onto small cards and continually up-to-dated.


The high concentration of the tinters means storage in small packs (just 20 Kg for the complete system) reflected in:

Lower financial outlay
Minimum bulk
Higher product rotation
Lower ageing risk
Maximum handling ease

Just shake the product and it is ready to use without mechanical mixer.

Smart Box

The whole HYDROPAL 120 tinter system is contained in a set of two boxes, Smart Box. An up-to-date tool that, working as a portable colour system, enables all advantages offered by Palini water topcoats to be tested immediately in the workshop.

Innovative metering system

The product is metered with unmatchable precision (to the last drop) thanks to a self-cleaning, adjustable, patented nozzle.


HYDROPAL 120 is the unique, complete alternative today to the solvent-based systems used until now in bodyshops.

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