The science of color is an essential part of company know how. The extremely well equipped laboratory studies and guarantees the color reproduction and the development of colors as per sample in 24 hours. Close contact with the most important car, motorbike and bus makers allows the continuous updating of colorimetric databases by the insertion of all the new production formulas.

Palcolor System is an advanced and continually evolving colorimetric system which permits the colormatching of more than 360,000 colors using the Palini 5 main concentrated tinter systems:

Classe 407 Nitro-acrylic system
Classe 607 Polyfunctional system for industry
Classe 707 Polyfunctional system for large users
Classe 900 Polyfunctional system for body work – high solid
Classe 120 Polyfunctional system for body work – water based

The formulas for color reproduction are available on various supports.

The privileged means for easily and immediately finding the colorimetric opportunities offered is the Palini CD-ROM, extremely useful software for the daily use of Palini products.

The color references are collected into the Chromacard System, comprised of thousands swatches of color chips sprayed with the original product on small ad hoc sized cards for correct assessment of the shade of color of a car under repair.

Science of color